Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ode to the JEEP

So many times you carried us and dropped us like a rock
You spent more time with your friends- the mechanics
Every time we fed you high octane, flooded you with synthetic oil and bandaged your broken parts
We cared and cried for you when you left us stranded in the middle of the road...

And now you pushed us TO FAR!!

Away from us you go
Enjoy your friends forever more that will probably separate you to salvage the few good parts left, or worse, you end up with some other unfortunate soul to have you cause pain to.
You gave us nothing but headaches and empty pockets with nothing in return
Goodbye forever and never come back, enjoy your last ride on the back of a truck as we wave goodbye and celebrate!

1 comment:

The Speres said...

Sad times for the jeep! Ours is still chugging along but it also just sits here all the time while we work! Hope you're enjoying the summer, you two!